Mission statement

Norbusangs mission is to

  • create networks for young singers and choir leaders all over the Nordics
  • work for exchange of repertoire between the countries, as well as creating new Nordic repertoire for children and youth
  • work for exchange of knowledge and experience to promote a conscious development, both musically and pedagogically

With questions regarding the council please contact Amanda Henriksson (Secretary) at

Member organisations

DUNK – De Ungas Musikförbund i Svenskfinland (FI)

Ung i Kor (NO)

Ung Kirkesang (NO)

UNGiKÖR – Sveriges Barn- och Ungdomskörförbund (SE)

RUM – Riksförbundet Unga Musikanter (SE)

FUK – Folkekirkens Ungdomskor (DK)


The festival

The annual Norbusang festival gathers hundreds of singers in a different Nordic country each year. Norbusang 2021 takes place in Roskilde, Denmark and is produced by FUK – Folkekirkens Ungdomskor.

The festival programme consists of workshops, concerts, rehearsals as well as other social activities. Performing your own repertoire is optional.

The official language of Norbusang is Scandinavian meaning mainly a mix of Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. This doesn’t mean you need be fluent in any of the languages mentioned above to participate as we do use English to support the communication.

Registration fees for Norbusang 2021

Approximately 130 €. The fee normally covers meals, accommodation on classroom floors, workshops, concerts and educational material.

Thomas Breck, E-mail: